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• Stainless steel

The stainless steel that Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys uses in making the stainless steel counter tops is best quality of steel available. The steel we use contains more than 10% chromium thus making it more resistant to corrosion and rust.


• Stainless Steel counter top thickness

The thickness of the stainless steel counter top is mainly dependent on the weight of the materials to be placed on the counter top and the different uses that you plan the stainless steel counter top to be used on serving.


• Installation of stainless steel counter tops

stainless steel counter tops can always be effectively installed when the services of professionals are applied. Get a professional to do the work for the best results.

If you need the services of professional stainless steel counters installers contact Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys ON 888-334-1092.

Stainless steel is very good when used to make counter tops, some of the best qualities that make stainless steel a good material to be used in counter tops include; heat resistance, stainless steel have alloys that make it a poor conductor of heat and thus making it safe even when used a kitchen counter top since even after putting con the counter hot cooking pans you won’t get burnt. Another feature that Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys offers in its stainless steel counter tops is the non-staining property of the stainless steel counter top these counter tops don’t rust and also don’t allow to have some stainless on the counter top. stainless steel counter tops are also easy to clean and hence making it easier to work on especially if it’s being used in the kitchen where constant cleaning is needed.

When choosing a stainless steel counter top always ensure you know of its rusting, corrosion and staining properties. Rust is one problem that one wouldn’t want on the stainless steel counter top due to the bad picture it would portray on to your visitors and also every one living in the house. When choosing a steel make sure that you are given the right information about rust resistance and also heat resistance. At Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys we always give the best steel counter tops, those that cannot easily rust and also those that even after you have hot cooking utensils on them they won’t conduct the heat to levels of having you burnt.

Knowing the gauge and thickness of the stainless steel counter top you are installing in your house is another important factor to consider. At Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys we have different ways of gauging and measuring the right thickens and we will always guide you on choosing the best thickness for your stainless steel counter top, most customers will always call us on 888-334-1092 then share with us their specification and we will give them the best gauges and thickness that they should have installed in their houses.

When you purchase your stainless steel counter top from us you will have the installation done by our experienced and commitment professionals who always offer quality in stainless steel counter tops installation. If you have bought the counter tops from another shop you can also have our professionals come install for you at a fair charge. You can always call for Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys professionals on 888-334-1092 and they will be there in the shortest time possible to do the installation for you.

Contact us for more information on stainless steel counter tops on 888-334-1092.

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