About Us

Mission Statement

Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys is focused and committed to the provision of modern, quality and affordable stainless steel counter tops for all our clients. We have the best installation professionals who will always ensure that everything is installed in the best ways to ensure long life and reduces the chances of having to be called again for repair or even maintenance. Our mission is to be also to give counter tops that will match with your house features. We deliver to full customer satisfaction and we never disappoint in our works.

Vision and goal

We at Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys envision ourselves becoming the leading supplier and installer of all the counter tops ranging from wood, granite and even stainless steel counter tops. We have well set plans and strategies of delivering unique and the best-selling stainless steel counter tops and also the other different counter tops in the market.


At Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys we ensure that values are our guiding and motivation factors. We deal with our customer in the best ways and always maintains a good relation that helps us in doing and business providing quality counter tops for our client’s.we have our lines always open for any questions and complaints, our customers can always reach us on 888-334-1092 and we always ensure that we answer and respond to their call.

We work transparently and everything we do is legitimate and legal, if it for goods we only deal in genuine products and always have a receipt for every stainless steel counter top or accessories sold.

We follow the code of ethics when dealing with the suppliers, customers and even our workmates. We never go beyond boundaries and we always treat the customers right. We never default in paying our suppliers and always ensure we pay the supplies on time.


At Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys we never want to have problems with the authorities because it is one way that we lose our productive time. We always ensue we have all the local licenses paid and we comply with all the rules and regulations set by the authorities. We also ensure that we pay our taxes on time and we never default in tax payment.

Guiding principles

We ensure that we abide to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility in all our doings and also make sure that we keep the environment clean. We work to the development of employee potential, motivation and commitment of every individual. We help ourselves and everyone in the company in achieving defined standards to satisfy all our customers.

We at Stainless Steel Counter Top Guys make sure we are up to date when it comes to matters technology and innovation. We are constantly head of others by constantly coming up with new designs and shades that make the stainless steel counter top unique.

We also ensure that our customers are always happy with all products and also the installation process. We go beyond the expectations of the customer when it comes to how we deal with the customer. We always leave them satisfied completely.

Customers can always reach us on 888-334-1092 for more information on stainless steel counter tops.

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